Monday, August 18, 2014

Send 'Em On! Send 'Em Out!

Have you ever created something that just makes you downright happy?!? Something that you have a difficult time handing over to the person you intended it for? I have. This is one of my favorite (and least favorite) parts of having a creative side. I love knowing that something that came from my desk could make someone else smile, uplift spirits, encourage someone to keep going on their journey, to let a friend know that you're thinking of them, or just to say 'hello'. How exciting is it to get something in the mail that...well, isn't a bill or junk mail?
So, here is a little bit of encouragement to create, play, enjoy and send. Make yourself an address book, keep it with you along with stamps. Address and stamp those envelopes as soon as you finish the card. Get those works of art in the mail...make someone's day!
 Here are a few cards that I was excited to send out. The pictures aren't the greatest, but seeing them still makes me smile!
A birthday card I made for my Aunt Bev.
A funny little card for my nephew!

A thank you card for a wedding gift Sam and I received.

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