Monday, August 11, 2014

Passions & Paper

 We each have our own passions; this is one of the things that makes the world such a wonderful place! I love God, my new husband, my family, friends, and my church family. I love to take trips, camp, take pictures, make desserts, read and paper craft!
 It is ok to be passionate about multiple things. I have tried in the past to blog, but have always found myself becoming overwhelmed...or downright bored with it. I've come the the conclusion that one reason for this is that I only focused on one thing I enjoyed and typically this meant the other things I love to do got pushed by the wayside. I end up "burning myself out" on the one subject. So, I'm starting over. Create & N*Joy will be a place for me to share what I love, and not just one part of it. Here's to starting over, starting fresh and trying again!
Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity,
because if you're passionate about something,
then you're more willing to take risks.
Starting off I have a few cards to share with you. I recently been sending cards to family and friends when their birthday rolls around or they are sick...or have any other special occasion! (Except I missed July...but that was acceptable to me, as my husband and I got married June 28!) 

I made this first card for my boss that recently retired from the library.
Congratulations/ Retirement
A shaker card made for a friend that just got married.
Congrats/ Wedding

This last card was for a church family member who's Grandma just past away.
My Sympathy

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