Thursday, May 14, 2015

Free Bible Journaling Printables

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I have found my way into another new adventure! There are some wonderful communities online that are focused around God's Word. Two of my favorites are Illustrated Faith and Rebekah R. Jones. These communities encourage digging deeper into God's Word through your creative side that God gave you! Now while I'm still new to this... and can't bring myself to go full out painting this has changed the way that I read my Bible! The visuals that my mind creates as I read helps me to remember what I've read! So, I wanted to pass these along to others for use. Keep in mind they are hand drawn so they are definitely not perfect, but I worked hard on them and love each one. You can feel free to print them on card stock and use them as bookmarks or trace them into the margins of your own Journal Bible. Keep tuned in...I plan on sharing photos of Journal Bible soon. As well as more printable verses. Feel free to leave me a comment if you do use them. Or if you have a specific request you'd like for me to create! Hope you enjoy!

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