Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Big Changes!

  I know it has once again been a long time since a  apologizes! Things have been...crazy! My husband and I are experiencing big changes in our life at the moment. We found out, in December, that we will be bless with our first child- due in September 2015! So, we have had to up our search for a new house and vehicle. Along with these major changes, Hubby and I decided it would be best if I resigned from my job at the library I had worked at for 12 years, so that I can be at home to care of our so to be growing family and home.
  I'm telling you all of this exciting news to tell you that hopefully, I will finding more time to create. So, keep your eyes and ears open for changes around the blog as well. I hope to start getting things in order to get into some craft fairs and shows. So, there may be a few posts about my experience with that adventure as well. Thanks for your patience and support! Craft On, Friends!

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